Violence Prevention

Sonja Sonnenfeld

Violence Prevention

The RWCFI is developing curricula and supporting resources based on Sonja Sonnenfeld’s classroom conversations over the years to facilitate dialogue in classrooms, communities, and organizations.
17 Dec 2008




“Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg" film crew goes to Berlin with Mrs. Sonnenfeld filming several classroom visits and presentations given in both German and English.




“Rescuing Raoul Wallenberg" film crew visits Berlin with Mrs. Sonnenfeld for a week of filming in Berlin following her as she spoke to new students every morning.
Mrs. Sonnenfeld regularly visited and lectured to school children in Berlin and Stockholm well into her late nineties talking about her life in Berlin during Hitler’s rise to power and about her vigorous opposition to xenophobia and segregation. Her rallying call is “Never be indifferent!”
RWCFI Board of Directors decide to develop a series of school and youth curricula and supporting resources to help facilitate dialogue and conversations in classrooms, communities and organizations. Case studies and discussion guides will help users uncover, interpret and digest the messages included in the text, while also providing them with a framework to apply those lessons from the film more deeply to their own efforts.


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