Anti-Fascism Film From 1947 Going Viral


Anti-Fascism Film From 1947 Going Viral

In the Aftermath of the Tragedy at Charlottesville Rally
15 Aug 2017


An anti-fascism film from 1947 has gone viral in the wake of the tragedy at the Charlottesville rally. After World War II, the dangers of hateful rhetoric and fascist ideology was at the forefront of the national consciousness. Now, it may be more important than ever before to remember the destructive power of ignorance and hatred in times of growing economic inequality and cultural frustration. We must not allow autocrats like Vladimir Putin to expand their power and influence. Like Hitler and the Nazis, these dangerous forces will seek to fill the vacuum created by the current confusion and economic disparities in order to implement their repressive evil agendas. It is up to all of us to fight back in order to ensure that the past is not repeated!


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1947 Anti-Fascism Film


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